Legends become Icons

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Legends become Icons

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fifa coins Whilst it was inevitable I guess that Xbox’s cast of footballing legends would eventually make their way onto PS4 and PC, I don’t think anyone really expected it to be this soon. The decision to partner with Microsoft exclusively has no doubt caused more harm than good over the long term as it not only divided the community, it also restricted EA’s own revenue stream on the largest console install base. The deal made little sense, but then exclusivity rarely does.

It was also rumoured last year that EA were still locked into a multi-year deal with Microsoft over Legend exclusivity, so perhaps this year’s rebrand to ‘Icons’ was a way to finally “get out” of that agreement and offer these most rarest of FUT cards to all? Either that or EA’s deal with Microsoft simply lapsed, and they felt the time was right to refresh Legends, removing the baggage of the previous relationship entirely. http://buyfifacoins.com/

Either way, the move to unite FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team content across all platforms is undoubtedly a good one, but there maybe unforeseen knock-on effects too, as gamers and content creators no longer ‘need’ to play on Xbox to get the definitive FIFA experience for themselves and their viewers. Market prices in FIFA 18 could therefore be very interesting if a mass migration to Playstation takes place. fifa coins
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