Mu Legend Data Statistic Examination And Instruction

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Mu Legend Data Statistic Examination And Instruction

โพสต์โดย hecdz123 » 21 เม.ย. 2017 12:59

In line with records statistic, all in all, Mu Legend game enthusiasts collectively equalized in place 3,308,278 situations, yet only 7% off players hit max stage. Just one gambler been able to arrive 230,432 Combat Power prior to the test out concluded. An overall total connected with 1,864,710 deaths was saved. Surprisingly, the actual War Mage had been a common course gamed obtained in this experiment, accounting for 31% coming from all characters created. Far more day statistic replace in addition to update books as well as news flash, you possibly can mind onto:

The actual several lessons involving Mu Legend additionally have been introduced by way of Webzen. This Dark Lord is a tank/damage supplier cross types using large staying power along with security. Your Whisperer —inspired by way of MU Online's Fairy Elf —is any high-speed ranged training. The War Mage is a long-ranged injury course. Your Blader may be a "classic soldier class" in which deals higher accidental injuries during near range. Mu Legend Power Leveling in-game can also be significant component.

Mu Legend will be sequel that will Mu Online in addition to presents busy Diablo 3 / Path of Exile esque activity RPG aspects, however which includes a persistent universe. Pretty much seemed to have a great deal of beneficial things say concerning Mu Legend in addition to most of players believe it'll complete rather nicely. Unlike Diablo 3 along with several other ARPGs, Mu Legend shows a persistent earth.

It really is risk-free to state that will U4GM is definitely honest Mu Legend Zen provider, wealthy practical experience as well as low-cost, fair, economical price tag, rapidly delivery, safe practices make sure, the most notable excellent service and even more, U4GM will be undoubtedly superior to additional provider, at the same time, ıt had been perceived as the very best Mu Legend Zen vendor.
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Re: Mu Legend Data Statistic Examination And Instruction

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Re: Mu Legend Data Statistic Examination And Instruction

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Re: Mu Legend Data Statistic Examination And Instruction

โพสต์โดย kakasmall » 22 มิ.ย. 2017 19:45

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