FIFA coins exposes 78 stadiums in total

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FIFA coins exposes 78 stadiums in total

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Recently EA has announced the list of fifa coins all the stadiums of FIFA 16. There are 50 exclusive football pitches and 28 comprehensive Stadiums, including 9 new stadiums.

20 stadiums are from the Premier League, 3 stadiums are from Football League Championship, 1 stadium is from Football League Two, 6 stadiums are from Bundesliga, 1 stadium is from Holland Casino Eredivisie, 4 stadiums are from fifa 16 coins La Liga, 3 stadiums are from Ligue 1, 3 stadiums are from Serie A, 2 stadiums are from Saudi league.

2 stadiums are from Argentine league, 1 stadium is from Mexican league, 2 stadiums are from American league, 1 stadium is from Ukraine league and 1 stadium is from buy fifa 16 coins England national team’s home court.

This work will be released on the end of September, landing on the platforms of PC, XB360, PS3, PS4, XBO. Argentina soccer star Lionel Messi takes the cover spokesperson of buy fifa coins the global version.It has brought in women's soccer tournament for the first time.

The game improves the agility of Defender and the balance of offense and defense. The offense such as Real Madrid, and Barcelona style is no longer easy. In addition, the training mode also adds different subjects and levels.
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