Ryan Griffin Jersey

Ryan Griffin Jersey

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Understanding The Bond Between Mothers And Sons Understanding The Bond Between Mothers And Sons February 11 Shayne Gostisbehere Jersey , 2014 | Author: Saleem Rana | Posted in Parenting
C. Lynn Williams writes parenting books. She recently talked to Lon Woodbury and Liz McGhee on Parent Choices for Struggling Teens on L.A. Talk Radio about the unique connection between mothers and sons. She discussed how this relationship was very different from a father-son relationship or a mother-daughter relationship.

The host of Parent Choices for Struggling Teens, Lon Woodbury, is an Independent Educational Consultant and publishes the popular Woodbury Reports. He has worked with families and struggling teens since 1984. Co-Host Liz McGhee, the Director of Admissions for Sandhill Child Development Center, New Mexico, has more than 19 years of clinical, consulting and referral relations experience with adolescents.

Guest Background

A parenting coach, a teacher and a writer, C. Lynn Williams holds a Masters in Business Administration from Roosevelt University in Chicago Sean Couturier Jersey , Illinois. She lectures on parenting in educational and business settings, and she is passionate about teaching mothers, fathers, and adolescents to construct wonderful relationships. She is a wife and mother of four grownup children. She has actually authored three books on parenting: one on how parents can maintain their peace of mind while raising adolescents, one on how to parent boys, and one on how to parent girls.

Creating a Positive, Respectful, and Loving Relationship between Mothers and Sons

Williams did not really expect to write again about parenting after she finished, “Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teenager.” Nonetheless Scott Laughton Jersey , during her educational work, she kept running into mothers and sons that did not get along and ended up researching and writing about their unique and special bond. The result was: “The Pampered Prince: Moms Develop a TERRIFIC Relationship with Your Son.”

During the course of the hour-long interview, she explored the theme of how parenting between mothers and fathers differed and stressed exactly how a male role model is important to help boys mature. She pointed out that discipline from a mother’s point of view is enhanced when she follows up on threatened consequences when chores are not done. By contrast, dad’s had an easier time giving orders because kids reacted better to direct orders instead of descriptions.

Williams also discussed how befriending children is counterproductive to effective parenting. A parent had to choose between the role of parent and the role of friend. Giving children things did not necessarily win them over and make them more obedient.

She reviewed the partnership between dads and boys and moms and daughters, and how it was simpler for fathers to relate to sons and mothers to associate with girls considering that they were familiar with how to relate with the same gender.

The mothers and sons interview provided many parenting tips, like learning love languages, being readily available, creating boundaries, and improving interaction. Williams also discussed the value of parenting based on the age of the child Ron Hextall Jersey , the challenge of raising millennial youngsters, the value of keeping family dinner traditions, and some efficient means of combating the influence of any kind of unfavorable peer groups.

Learn more about Lon Woodbury on Struggling Teens. He has recorded the entire interview on his weekly L.A. Talk Radio show for people to listen to at any time.

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