Everybody come to our Website to buy maplestory mesos

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Everybody come to our Website to buy maplestory mesos

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To elaborate on what exactly the posters above stated: Reboot is very different from the other worlds. Some folks like MS2 Mesos some people do not. Altering all worlds such as Reboot would turn off those players who enjoy the merching facet of MMO's, or who have more spare cash than spare time and would rather have paid shortcuts to power instead of needing to grind.Nexon did wisely to provide Reboot alongside the other servers. They might need to make more Reboot-style servers, or merge some non-Reboot servers, but both choices need to be kept for those players that want them.

In terms of moving characters between both forms of worlds, that would cause imbalance. The entire idea of Reboot is that everybody is equal: everyone begins with nothing and must work for what they get. If you earn a fully-equipped personality from the other world, that violates this equality principle.

On the other hand, if you create a character on Reboot, farm billions of Maplestory mesos on cheapest Maplestory Mesos (Reboot has 5x the Maplestory mesos drop speed) and move it to a normal host, you've got an advantage within that world's "natives" who had to work in other ways due to their Maplestory mesos.

I've been saying this from the beginning. We want real changes, and we want them fast. Nexon has totally lost control of the bots and it is sad. If they really want to get taken seriously again, they will need to start immediately on weekend patrols and build a great big lovely report wall that anyone can see IN match but can just use ONCE to get a individual. Plus it should be errected in the towns where everyone can read it, so most of us understand that the badguys are and don't have to maintain sweating about bots destroying the neighborhood. Our leadership in Nexon, they whine. "oh its too harsh, we can not disclose who gets documented" Why? WHY? We've become soft! These aren't run of the mill glitches people. These are bad people. BOTS! Hackers! Perhaps not tiny potatoes folks. This isn't some accident when someone moves and smegas all their gear or some website. Lets get real here.

Nexon should step their game up or, I'll tell you somethin folks, the individuals will start to do the stepping up to them. Then perhaps we'll see how serious the problem really is.
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