AC Milan announces failing to renews with Donnarumma

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AC Milan announces failing to renews with Donnarumma

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Italian local time on the afternoon of June 15,buy fifa 17 coins AC Milan club headquarters, CEO Fassault, sports director Mirabe and Dona Roma, its agent La Iola, the final renewal negotiations.
The final negotiations broke down, Sussex held a press conference, announced that Donarama and the club will not renew the current 18-year-old door god and Milan contract on June 30, 2018 expired.
At the press conference, Fasso concisely: "Raiola has informed us that Donaluma made a decision not to renew Milan."
"We have made a very good renewal to Dona Rama, but he made the final decision after weighing it, not just the economic considerations," he said, "he made it clear that he did not want to renew , He and Milan will now expire on June 30, 2018.
"Obviously, this result is unacceptable, very bitter.We have been Duona Ma as AC Milan to lead the pinnacle of the leader, but now we only read forward." Speers finished.
Conference ended this, in just a few minutes, the French name on behalf of the Milan club, officially announced that Donarama will not renew the news.
How did the negotiations break up? According to the Italian Sky TV revealed that Donarama annual salary of 4.5 million euros + bonus conditions, both sides have accepted, but in the new contract terms, the two sides have differences.
Rajola's opinion is that the new contract must be added to the additional terms: If Milan did not enter the Champions League next season, Donarama can be 10 million euros to leave low. But such a clause is that Fasos and Mirabelli are unacceptable in any case. Eventually, the contract negotiations broke down.
Dona Roma was born on February 25, 1999, 2015-16 season midway by Mikhailovic promoted to a team in Milan, 16-year-old 242 days of age so that Dona Lu Ma broke the Buffon to keep the youngest Serie A goalkeeper record, half a season more amazing performance so that Donarama sat down the main goalkeeper position in Milan.
This season, Donarama still play a stable, 146 times to save the only 18-year-old door of the door god, became the most comprehensive goalkeeper save the number of goalkeeper. cheap fifa 17 coins In the appearance of more than 10 times the Serie A goalkeeper, Donarama also 76% of the fighting rate ranked first.
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