What Happened - The Rekt-9


What Happened - The Rekt-9

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cs go knife giveaway The TEC-9 was accurate insanely for a period of time, but this is set as one of the must-buy gun for T-side players in all possible circumstance by Valve. So in March, 2015 update, the damage fall-off of the gun has been increased and it has been made all but shortage on medium-long and long ranges. The magazine of the TEC-9 was lowered to 24 rounds/clip and the wild was discouraged to spray the gun.

For most players, these changes worked. The TEC-9 was accurate fairly and when you are be right up in the face of someone to secure others. It means that players still want the rate-of-fire that is incredible and stopping power to risk the engagement that is close-range, which is not working well usually in CS:GO. http://www.csgojackpotsite.com/coin-flip/

So now Valve has dropped the TEC-9 to a reasonable level and it is often used during eco rounds for rush players. Once you buy one for an eco, please remember to pray for the old ones which are called as the Rekt-9. free cs go giveaway
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