The prediction of UEFA Europe League


The prediction of UEFA Europe League

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Central European time on May 24 at 20:45, 2016-17 season, the European Cup finals will be in Sweden Stockholm friends on the pitch, against both sides is Manchester United and Ajax. fifa 17 coins If Manchester United can not win, that this season for Manchester United and Mourinho is a failure, because there is no next season Champions League qualification.
War record
This is the two teams in the second battle of the war in Europe, the first four times the two wins the two games, Manchester United into the 5 ball Ajax into the 3 ball.
Ajax in Sweden carried out two games in Europe 1 wins and 1 loss, Manchester United did not play in Stockholm in Europe, the war in Sweden, only one field, 1994-95 season Champions League group stage away from 1 to 4 Gothenburg.
Two teams of European war finals data
This is the 12th Manchester United final (including the European Super Cup, the Champions League, the European Cup (UEFA Cup) and the Winners Cup final), the first 11 results is 6 wins and 5 losses, fifa coins the winning percentage is not high 3 European Union finals Manchester United are losing: 2011 Champions League final 1-3 Barcelona, 2009 Champions League final 0-2 Barcelona, 2008 European Super Cup 1-2 Zenit.
This is Ajax 15th European War finals (including the European Super Cup), the first 14 times 10 wins and 4 losses, it seems high winning percentage but the data is long ago, Ajax last played the European war finals or 21 years ago in the Champions League final.
Mourinho final data
In the Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid and Manchester United coaching process, Mourinho 13 times into the Cup finals (do not calculate the community shield and Super Cup), 11 cups, Cup final win rate as high as 85%. In the 13th Cup final, Mourinho only in the 2003-04 season of the Portuguese Cup and the 2012-13 season, the Spanish King Cup missed. It is worth mentioning that, in the tournament finals 90 minutes of time, Mourinho's team has never lagged behind, are in the overtime by the opponent lore.
As a coach, Mourinho in the European War has 6 times facing Ajax, are in Real Madrid, this 6 Mourinho victory over his team into 20 goals only lost 2 goals. Mourinho, if you can win, will be the first three teams to lead the three different teams won the European war champion coach, the first two are Udo - Ratke and Benitez.
Both teams can best attack
Although the Premier League last Sunday to end the game this season, but Manchester United will not be affected by physical fitness, in early May, Mourinho has decided to give up the league to concentrate on the European Cup, early in the league in early May is on the bench, the main force now There is no problem. Ajax's Eredivisie is on the end of last week, Ajax has been resting for 10 days, physical is also no problem.
UEFA Cup final Preview: Manchester United no retreat season success or failure in this war
Ajax youth storm
In the first half of the European semi-finals Ajax 4-1 Lyon game, Ajax starting lineup 11 average age of only 22 years old 137 days, 14 out of 14 people were born in 1995 after birth In 1986 the midfield is the only one on the court after 80. The history of Ajax to cultivate young people well-known world, the 1995 Champions League final victory over the AC Milan is to rely on the young people: when the 18-year-old Klui Yite into the only goal, 22 years later, grams Ruy Witt's son, 18-year-old Justin-Klui Yite ushered in his European war finals.
Manchester United injury: Ashley - Young (midfielder), Luke - Shaw (defender), Ibrahimovic (forward), Rojo (defender), J - Wilson (striker) Suspension:
Ajax injury: no suspension: Virgilville (defender)
Forecast starting
Manchester United (433): Romero / Valencia, Smolling, Phil Jones, Damian / Bogba, Fellini, Herrera / Lincoln, Rushford, Mchita good
Ajax (433): Anana / Tate, Sanchez, Delit, Red Walter / Clarkson, Chienne, Chiech / Teresa, Dolby, Younis
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