Chelsea renews with 2 central players to against Real Madrid


Chelsea renews with 2 central players to against Real Madrid

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British "Daily Telegraph" message, in view of Real Madrid for Kurdouva has a strong interest, Chelsea plans to renew the Belgian, out of the weekly salary reached 150,000 pounds. Lukaku is hoping to join the Blues before the July preseason, and he thinks that it will be possible to adapt to the Conti system as soon as possible, but this may allow the Blues to pay up to £ 90 million in transfer fees.

Kurutu is the Premier League this season,fifa coins the most outstanding goalkeeper, completed a total of 16 field zero closure, very much the opportunity to get gold glove award. But Real Madrid has been planning to acquire the Belgian goalkeeper, although Degeya is also the goal of La Liga giants, but Mourinho boasted, Deheya will follow Manchester United to participate in the preseason, suspected that will not be released. Therefore, Chelsea Simon will continue to become the goal of Real Madrid, Conti naturally do not want to lose Kurt Tuva.

At present the Belgian goalkeeper in 2019 expires, his weekly salary is £ 100,000, according to the British "Daily Telegraph" argument, Chelsea plans to complete the renewal with the Quur Tuwa, the young goalkeeper's weekly salary is expected To 150,000 pounds, Chelsea hope to persuade the Belgian national to stay.

But also Chelsea do not worry about losing the Belgian winger, the Blues plans to open a weekly salary of £ 300,000 of the contract, and Azar in the recent interview with the club table loyalty, fifa 17 coins Hope to stay at Stamford Bridge Stadium, he also expressed the hope to get the Champions League.

"Daily Telegraph" also revealed Chelsea's pursuit of Lukaku's latest progress, according to the media news, Lukaku hope to join the Blues as soon as possible, he hopes in July Chelsea to China and Singapore to participate in the preseason before the completion of Transfer, so, as soon as possible and the team to practice, in order to adapt to the technical and tactical system of Conti.

Everton on the Lukaku asking price reached 100 million pounds, and the British media analysis, if Chelsea do not want Lukaku's move more and more long, they fear to take out 90 million pounds to get this turn meeting.

From the Italian media reports, Zuma caused Inter Milan's concern, the Nerazzurri hopes to introduce young French defender, and in fact, they still have fantasy on Conti, hope the Italians came to Meazza coaching.
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Re: Chelsea renews with 2 central players to against Real Ma

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